Anthony Pomponio

85kg National Champion, and swolest weightlifter in the country!

Snatch 155 kg

Clean & Jerk 185 kg

Meet 10-4-13

After a long 2 weeks of training at the OTC we had a competition, it was an official sanctioned meet. Snatch I went 143,148 miss, 148 make, 151 miss so 148. So a 2kg pr.

C&J went 173,176. 180 made clean didn't attemp jerk due to dizziness , then took 180 again and same thing happened!

So overall I beat all the 85s in the snatch with 148! And totaled a PR of 324!!!! 7kg pr.

A typical day at the OTC, Part 2

What my day is like on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday practices are very long! On these days we focus on squats at the beginning of the workout, then move onto correcting weak points and had anywhere between 6-8 exercises to do in one session. The weight generally was not too heavy, besides when we performed squats. These sessions are about correcting positions and breaking down the lifts.

Everyday we had morning stretches so my wake up time doesn't change. The practice time is 10:30 just like the other days, except this practice usually ends around 1-ish.

Then we eat lunch then basically have the rest of the day to recover for the next day. I made it a point to get in the sauna and ice bath during this time for some contrast recovery, which basically consists of rotating between hot and cold and ending with cold. For example I would start in the ice bath for 5 minutes then go into the sauna for 5 minutes and repeat 3 times and end in the ice bath for 5 minutes. It's the little things like this that help you recover from hard training days.

As I had mentioned before, the resource are there so as an athlete you have to take advantage of them especially cause you have the time to do it. It is really weird because time actually goes by very fast on these days, that you would think since your afternoons are free it would be boring but for some reason time flies. We have a competition this Friday so this week of training will be hard with a little taper for Friday's meet. I will write a good blog after the competition on Friday! stay tuned for some pr's!


Training with focus and no distractions

So far my experience at the OTC has been something I will never forget. The training atmosphere here is very serious. There is no music playing and definitely no goofing around in between sets and exercises. When someone is going for a big lift there is complete silence which allows for complete concentration for the lifter who is lifting. This is what i would imagine a training hall in Russia to be like when they are attempting a big lift. Some people don't like the seriousness of training like that, but I really do, and I believe we are at the OTC to put in work not to play around.


A typical day at the OTC, Part 1

My schedule on Monday, Wednesday, Friday

We train two times on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I wake up at 7:30 AM to get ready for morning stretches and core work. At around 8:30 AM, we all go to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. After breakfast I try to get a little nap in before our 10:30 session. I set my alarm for 9:55 AM in order to get ready for the first practice.

After the first practice ends around 12:30, we all go to lunch. After lunch i go back to the dorm to nap, then get up 1 hour before training and eat a little something and drink a ton of coffee! one of my favorite things so far is defiantly the coffee machine, back at home i would usually go to Starbucks before training to fuel up on coffee.

After the night session we all go eat dinner, this is usually around 6:30 PM till about 7:30 PM. I try to eat at least 2-3 plates of food. I have to say this again, but the food here is great! Tonight we had BBQ night which consisted of ribs and BBQ chicken. I think i ate about 12 or more ribs!

After dinner I go to my dorm shower up and get ready for bed. As you can see from this schedule its pretty much a full time job. We are training anywhere from 5-6 hours a day plus eating and resting during the downtime.

This is why it is very had to try to be a professional athlete and have a job at the same time, it is virtually impossible to live up to your fullest potential while trying to juggle multiple things. So far I have had some of the best training I have ever had, because I get to focus solely on training and nothing else on your mind besides improving yourself. That is why the training center is a great place because it provides an athlete with all the resources he/she needs in order to focus 110% on their performance.  

 This is where i am at now so i will try to write part 2 blog about the average Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the OTC. And stay tuned for some big PR's!!!

Two Weeks at Olympic Training Center



I was invited out to train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. The OTC is said to be one of the nicest training centers in the world. 

I will be here from Sept 23-Oct 6, and will have a full 2 weeks with the head coach of USA Weightlifting, Zygmunt Smalcerz. I am grateful for the opportunity to be evaluated and learn from the best.

Well from here on out I will try to post as much as possible about my experience here and what I have learned etc.

PS. The food here is awesome and we get to eat as many times as we want!!!!!