Anthony Pomponio

85kg National Champion, and swolest weightlifter in the country!

Snatch 155 kg

Clean & Jerk 185 kg

First Day

*First posted on Juggernaut Training Systems.

Hello I want to introduce myself as one of the newest Juggernaut athletes. I am an Olympic Weightlifter training for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. If you read my bio you have noticed I started this sport a little over 3 years ago. The sport Olympic Weightlifting is best described as a juggling act to me, one day you feel great while the next day you might feel like complete garbage.There really is no explanation why its just how the sport treats you. Below I have attached a photo of my first 2 days of training. Every time I have a bad training day I take a look at those first two days and come to a realization that I have made a lot of progress in the first 3 years of training and to just keep on trucking forward. I started with a solid base of support coming from a bodybuilding background as well as football, however this sport is a different type of beast. Before my first day of training I had never done a proper “squat” clean, jerk, Olympic squat, and “squat” snatch. I  power cleaned 120 kg then did a front squat, back squatted up to 150 kg for a very heavy single, then jerked up to 130 kg which I thought was pretty good at the time although I’m sure it was a massive press out. My second day of training consisted of power snatching up to 85 kg, at the time I couldn’t even get into an overhead squat position so I stuck with powering. Now lets flash forward a few years….1…………2…….…….3…………. I am now snatching 145 kg on a regular basis, and C&J 175 kg on a regular basis. I honestly never would have imagined my progress taking of like it did. I remember my coach bringing me the American Open 2010 as a spectator, I saw guys that weighted 62 kg snatching more than I was! I saw a 16 year old kid (Ian Wilson) clean and jerking over 400 lbs!  From that point forward I was hooked to the sport, I knew this is where I wanted to be. So from here on out I will update you with my journey as well as thoughts that come up in my head. Please feel free to ask any questions that you guys might have about my training or training history whether it’s Olympic Weightlifting, bodybuilding, or football! Remember “We Laugh at Heavy Weights”