Anthony Pomponio

85kg National Champion, and swolest weightlifter in the country!

Snatch 155 kg

Clean & Jerk 185 kg

A typical day at the OTC, Part 1

My schedule on Monday, Wednesday, Friday

We train two times on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I wake up at 7:30 AM to get ready for morning stretches and core work. At around 8:30 AM, we all go to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. After breakfast I try to get a little nap in before our 10:30 session. I set my alarm for 9:55 AM in order to get ready for the first practice.

After the first practice ends around 12:30, we all go to lunch. After lunch i go back to the dorm to nap, then get up 1 hour before training and eat a little something and drink a ton of coffee! one of my favorite things so far is defiantly the coffee machine, back at home i would usually go to Starbucks before training to fuel up on coffee.

After the night session we all go eat dinner, this is usually around 6:30 PM till about 7:30 PM. I try to eat at least 2-3 plates of food. I have to say this again, but the food here is great! Tonight we had BBQ night which consisted of ribs and BBQ chicken. I think i ate about 12 or more ribs!

After dinner I go to my dorm shower up and get ready for bed. As you can see from this schedule its pretty much a full time job. We are training anywhere from 5-6 hours a day plus eating and resting during the downtime.

This is why it is very had to try to be a professional athlete and have a job at the same time, it is virtually impossible to live up to your fullest potential while trying to juggle multiple things. So far I have had some of the best training I have ever had, because I get to focus solely on training and nothing else on your mind besides improving yourself. That is why the training center is a great place because it provides an athlete with all the resources he/she needs in order to focus 110% on their performance.  

 This is where i am at now so i will try to write part 2 blog about the average Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the OTC. And stay tuned for some big PR's!!!