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Gym Bag

Everyone that goes to the gym should have some sort of bag they bring in, whether you do Olympic Weightlifting, Crossfit or recreational training at a local gym. In the next few posts I will show you what is in my gym bag and why I have it in there. 

First I will start with the bag: In my opinion the most important thing about purchasing a bag or backpack is the size. You want something that is going to fit all your stuff but not weigh you down like you are packing for a European vacation. You want something with enough pockets so you can separate liquids from important items such as your cell phone.

My bag of choice is a gym bag from lululemon called " lululemon repetition gym bag", and no, this is not a paid endorsement... I actually received this bag as a birthday gift from a great man by the name of Jonny Renkavillis. This bag is big enough to fit everything you need but yet small enough so you don't feel like you are hauling a suitcase. I don't believe lululemon is making this model anymore, however you might be able to snag one if you ask! Here is a pic below! 


bag 1.JPG